fourteen months with a brambleberry bug!

This, what I’m doing right now? This is stealing. Straight up thievery. I am leaving Bram on me for a nap (an EARLY nap to compensate for how EARLY he woke up today) so that he’ll actually sleep for awhile, but instead of writing (which I should absolutely be doing, which I HAVE been doing whenever I’m not on with him for weeks), I am blogging. Robbing my work and not even caring! :) This won’t be a long post, though, so: no update about my almost-here deadline, or Love Child, or the date J and I are taking tomorrow night (!). Instead, I have just enough time for an update on what has to be the world’s weirdest, sweetest, most earnest kid.

So, Bram at fourteen months. In no particular order.

  • This morning, right before J left for work, I said: “Bram. Can you say pomo?” And clear as day he looked at his pomo and said: “pomo.” Then he smiled.
  • He also regularly and appropriately says “mama,” “cat,” “dog,” “uh-oh,” and “truck,” and occasionally “goat” and “cow.” He still signs “please,” “milk,” “water,” “more,” “all done,” and sometimes “thank you,” and he shakes his head vigorously “yes” or “no.” Especially no. The boy knows what he does not want.
  • Often (though not every morning), Bram wakes up, rolls over to my side of the bed, pulls himself up onto me, and smooches me straight on the lips to wake me up. Then he sits up, pats the bed (pat, pat, pat), and calls: “CAT!” About half the time, a cat comes. These are the most delightful days.
  • He can correctly identify his head, hair, nose, mouth (usually), ears, eyes, belly, belly-button, hands, feet, toes, and badonkadonk. Well, he thinks his badonkadonk is his upper right thigh, but sort of around the back. And if you ask him to shake it, he shakes his right leg. We have to get video of that soon.  Oh, and he can point to identify pomo, mama, Bubbie, Aunt Kippie, Hades, Nemesis, trucks, cars, almost all barnyard animals (in books), squirrels, rabbits, specific Lego pieces (the goat, the farmer, the horse)… just about anything we’ve defined for him once.
  • The child is obsessed with books. He has very definite opinions about what he wants to read, and how many times he wants to read it. So far, his favorites have been Barnyard Dance, Caps for Sale, Jamberry, Good Night FarmThe Wizard of OzHug, and Hug Time. (My apologies for not including authors… I sense this nap is coming to a close…) Who knows what tomorrow’s favorite will be, though. His loyalty is fierce but shifting.
  • He is walking-fast-all-the-time now. It matters not a bit to him how many times a day he bites it. He just gets right back up (which he can now do without any support!) and takes off again.
  • His favorite foods this month: anything with curry in it, carrots, (ethically sourced) chicken, (wild caught) fish, broccoli, peas, mango, bananas, Mexican stir-fry, the gluten-free bread J makes us, oranges, blueberries, pomegranate seeds (when my mom brings them), spinach smoothies, potatoes, egg yolks, lentils… He still eats incredibly well at most meals.
  • He also LOVES the broom. [Does anyone know of an affordable, real, kid’s sized broom for sale? The child likes to sweep, which I would like to encourage.]
  • At the end of bath time, J now gets Bram to pull the drain himself and say goodbye to and thank the bath water. It is sweet sweet sweet. She then asks if he’s ready to get out, but he never is. So she patiently waits while the water drains, asking every few minutes if he’s ready (to which he shakes his head “no”). Eventually, though, he gets cold and consents. I love that she gets his buy in this way. It would be jarring to just be pulled out of the bath at random times, no matter how much you were enjoying yourself!
  • Finally (not because I’m out of things to write, but because I’m almost out of time and I want to include some photos!), I am on the precipice of being home with him alone thirty-seven hours a week with NO DISSERTATION TO WRITE. I’m wondering how those of you who are home full time approach a schedule. For example, how many times a week do you do play dates? Other activities? Do you have days where it’s just you all day with no outside interaction? Do you find that a routine helps? Lay it on me, whatever you got. Even though I’ve been home with him full time, I’ve scheduled some much of these fourteen months around writing that I’m not sure how to approach the openendedness!

And photos!

  • Bram usually helps me make lunch from my back. Here, he adds paprika to paella.


  • An old photo, but a beloved one: one of my favorites of my boy with his Grandpa Jack.


  • With an eggplant. Like normal.


  • Bram adores all of these things.


  • Morning smiles.


  • Robot-Bramble.


  • I finally got J in a ruck! For all your babywearers out there: this is PHI v2, and J and I both LOVE it. I think it’s her first favorite wrap.


  • In the letter jacket that a close friend of the family passed down from her son. The last little boy to wear this is now twenty-two years old.


  • First spring day.


  • Fourteen-month Bram Grows! shot!



12 thoughts on “fourteen months with a brambleberry bug!

  1. Yay! I love this recording of Bram at this moment. Things will be so different even a month from now. My advice for long, unstructured days home alone with a sweet child this age: let them set the agenda. So often I have worried about how to “entertain” Punch for 9-10 hours a day by myself, but when I let him decide what we do, we end up doing things I never would have considered, like spending two hours sitting on a mattress on the floor of his room, jumping up and down on it like a trampoline, pretending his blanket is a cape, and moving socks in and out of a container. Or, this morning, sitting on top of the credenza looking out the front window and talking about how the moon went pee (Seriously!). And when all else fails, going to the playground (so much easier now that he is mobile). I know you do all of this already. When in doubt, call me and Punch!

  2. He is growing so much! It feels like just he other day he was this little bug of a man – and now all his words and preferences. It is amazing!

    When I stayed at home, we didn’t have much of a schedule. We had schedules in the sense that the kids napped and ate at roughly the same times every day, but we lived each day. Some days we spent all day out of the house, other days were quiet. The kids and I always seemed to know what kind of day it needed to be, and we went with our instincts

  3. You can find cheapy little brooms at toysrus. Maddy loved his broom, too. His favorite thing on earth at that age was his vacuum, though. I would say because you are about to enter the world of toddler, that routine is good…very good. This way they kind of know what to expect next and they don’t get thrown off when something is about to change. We also gave lots of warnings when we were going to change activities. Like “we have 2 more minutes before we’re going to go take a bath”. It doesn’t have to be a completely scheduled day, but the big things that have to happen, should around the same time everyday.

  4. I love love love this post. So full of joy and all things good. I especially enjoy the pictures. He is getting so big! It is such a joy and treat to get to see him learning all these knew things about the world. He is absolute perfection.

  5. What a sweetheart. So much fun, this age. I’m so glad you’ll be spending some free days with him soon. My suggestion is to have some routine to your days, but to try to remain flexible. Toddlers are wonderful, but unpredictable little creatures. Most days we’re home together The Bean likes to get out, whether it be to the park, the supermarket, a visit or the Science Centre, the same may not be true of your boy though.

    Also, a great resource and place to buy a Bramble-broom:
    (You knew I’d come through on that one, didn’t you? ;) )

  6. Love all of these photos! I’m particularly glad to see all of the baby wearing images. We are a little late to the party…just purchased a carrier that really suits me and now we are starting to carry Z as much as possible. My hope is that he will enjoy it through his toddler years. I know that I certainly do! Which brings me to my question…Do you ever run into moments when Bram doesn’t want to be carried?

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