.sad news.

Hi, Friends — R and I just wanted to let folks know that we’re in the middle of losing our little Love Child. They did an ultrasound at our 8-week appointment this morning because R’s been spotting some, and there was no heartbeat. Our wonderful midwife is giving R’s body the chance to handle this naturally. We are very sad tonight and feeling the cumulative grief of losing three babies in less than three years. I’m feeling extremely numb right now. We are thanking the universe that we have this beautiful little toddler to harness our energy and attention to the present. We are so grateful for the support of our blog community. We will, obviously, post again soon with more details; this is all I have the emotional energy for tonight. — J

29 thoughts on “.sad news.

  1. Oh my god, I am so very deeply sorry to hear this. I’m so glad you all were able to celebrate this little life even if it was short, love child was loved. Thinking of you all.

  2. There are just no words that seem right to say. So instead I am sending so much love and thoughts of strength your way. I so very much hope that knowing that you have given so much of us strength in times we needed it can help you to feel the strength and love we are all sending back your way now.

  3. I am so sorry hear this. Having lost 2 pregnancies myself in a very short time period, I have an understanding of what you are going through. A candle is lit and thoughts/prayers are sent your way.

  4. Oh, sweet friends. My heart is heavy for you. Love Child will hold a special place in all our hearts. I’m sending blessings, hugs, prayers, and love to all of you right now.

  5. Oh no. I am sending my love and thoughts to you both. Such sad, sad news.
    If it helps, maybe consider seeing a herbalist and/or acupuncturist to help bring on the MC naturally. I used both methods with my two MC’s and although it was emotionally hard to think I was helping my body to end the pregnancies it meant I did not need medical interventions either time. The herbalist prescribed a mixture of black and blue cohosh etc.

  6. Oh my heart is breaking for you both. We were in your shoes this past fall and some days the loss still feels fresh. Enjoy that little toddler with all of your might.

  7. My heart is breaking for you now with yet another loss. Sending thoughts of love and peace for all of you during such a difficult time.

  8. I’m so sorry. Miscarriages can be so deeply disappointing. A book that we found helpful when we were going through pregnancy loss was “About What Was Lost” by Jessica Berger Gross. I’m thinking about you all today.

  9. Jax & Renee, ((((((((hugs))))))))) there are no words today so I will just say we are praying for you all and our hearts hurt for you.

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