Introducing the newest member of our clan: Iris Woolf

Iris is a (now) 10-week old kitten rescued from a feral cat mill just outside of town. Judging from her ears and paws, I expect that she’ll grow to be a large cat! She’s sweet, snuggly, and super-playful. I had forgotten how much life-force a kitten contains (I had especially forgotten about the kitten life-force between the hours of 1 and 5am – not unlike our human newborns)! Bram is completely smitten with Iris, though we’re having to really work on playing soft and gentle. He wants to throw his toys at her out of sheer delight (ouch kitty!). Our girl-cat, Nemesis, is slowly adjusting. She had become completely withdrawn and had stopped eating after Hades died. She’s been showing some interest in food again (especially the kitten food) and she’s been coming around more and more. So far there’s been no cat bloodshed and everyone’s going to the bathroom in the proper spot, so I’d say we’re doing well! I look forward to watching the two cats (hopefully) grow closer together in the coming weeks and months. In the meantime, R and I are finding a baby cat presence very soul-lightening as we finally see the light of spring after this long and dark winter.


9 thoughts on “.kittenish.

  1. After yet another achingly blank space on our latest batch of pregnancy tests, and putting the BIL on the first of 3 jet planes on his round the world trip home, I convinced the wife to take me to the animal shelter adjacent to the airport. Just a first step in reminding her how much she also loves dogs. I’m thinking a puppy may be just the thing I need to fill this gaping hole in our lives.

  2. So cute! My wife and I also got a new pet (puppy!) to help bring some light into our lives at the darkest moments. It has been wonderful. Congrats and enjoy!

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