cherry pie

I had surgery today. I’ll try to write about it tomorrow when my brain is less fuzzy and the pain begins (hopefully) to let up. But for now, a couple of photographs (as news) and all my thanks for this community and its immense wisdom and kindness.

This was taken on my birthday, July 10th, on our little day trip to a nearby lakeshore town. As it turns out, there was more than birthday and ferry-boat magic happening in this moment. Miraculously, sweetly, almost impossibly: J is pregnant after our one tiny little try. Our newest being was conceived on my birthday and is due around April Fool’s Day. Pain and fear are no match for this great new joy.


My THREE loves.


All sorts of vast.


My friendship wall: the stunning (and vulnerable) birds B’s Aunt Kippie got me for graduation and the wisdom-and-long-life elephants his Aunt Ad brought me this week.


If J is anywhere near as sick this time around as she was last time, these next two months promise to be trying, what with all the hobbling (me) and throwing up (her). I sort of have no idea how we’re going to get through it. But here’s what I do know: I made it through surgery (was lovingly doula-ed through, in fact, by J and our sweetest friend, Jessica), our son wouldn’t nap until I was safely home and snuggled up with him, my brave and gorgeous wife is somehow already more lovely for carrying another child, many people have put up with my fear-induced crazy this week with a truly admirable amount of grace, my mom held my hand in recovery even though I’ve been short and snappish and impossible, our beloved friend Beth baked us a gluten-free cherry pie, we didn’t accidentally overdose Nemesis on fluids last night (story forthcoming), and in April, Bram should be (again, and hopefully for keeps this time) a big brother. All good enough stuff to let the rest go for tonight.


24 thoughts on “cherry pie

  1. WHAT?!?! This is just the most wonderful and joyous news. My heart is absolutely bursting with happiness for your adorably sweet family. In a way, a perhaps slightly hard to see way at the moment, this timing is perfect…just perfect.

  2. Congratulations! That is such beautiful news to help bring you out of the difficult times behind you. Very, very best wishes for a speedy recovery for you and a smooth pregnancy for J.


  3. Oh, so glad to hear this sweet news on the other side of your recent trials! Here’s to your newest family member.

  4. I am mostly a lurker but had to post so I could say: Hooray! Awesome!!! Mazel tov!!!! I am every kind of happy for you guys! With the surgery behind you and only healing and baby-growing and other good things ahead, there is so much to look forward to… Big hugs from north of the border!

  5. Ummm…I woke up this morning still excited by your post that I read last night. Truly, this just feels so very right for you wonderful ladies (and for Bram of course!)

  6. I love this little family and so happy to see it continue to grow! Will continue to send positive juju for wellness and recovery!

  7. Oh. My. I have been such a terrible, absent blogger lately and I’ve felt mostly ok about it except for how far behind I fell in your blog. So I didn’t even know that you inseminated (though I’ve since gone back and read the last month or so). This is amazing, light news after such an incredibly hard week (year? more…). I am smiling thinking of your new sweet baby on her way to you. Congratulations, you three. What a beautiful turn.

  8. yay! Such exciting news! And I’m glad you’re on the other side of surgery and heading towards healing there, too. But mostly: yay!!

  9. I’m so sorry about your foot and surgery – sending thoughts for a speedy recovery! And very, very happy for your and your new wonderful news.

    Several months ago you sent an email to me after my first comment on your blog, regarding my own fertility issues. I just wanted to say (even though, emotionally, I just couldn’t respond at the time) – that was so incredibly thoughtful for you to take the time to reach out to a stranger. And in the world I hope (want to ) live in, wonderful things happen for those that take the time to care for others along the way. And from reading and following along, the three of you certainly seem deserving of some wonderful things in life. So, again, congrats and lots of love to your sweet little family.

  10. I keep forgetting to respond, but I love the news!!!!! I’ll send good vibes to the universe for a safe and smooth pregnancy for you both. I hope your recovery is smooth, R. And good luck, J, as you take care of R and B.

  11. Congratulations, dearhearts! I wish you health, happiness (big and small kinds), and most of all, bundles of hope for a peaceful, fulfilling future as a growing family. V. happy for you.

  12. Oh wow. Oh my. I have no more words really. Lovely news to read. Just lovely! PS thanks for the Leibster Award. I like your logo for it the best so will attempt to steal that tomorrow.

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