.a dragon’s roar.

My apologies for having been AWOL on the blog lately. I’ve been feeling low (a post for another day), and R has done such an eloquent job of keeping things updated, that I stepped away for a bit. But I’m back with great news today: We heard Dragon’s heartbeat this morning! It’s a little uncommon to hear a fetal heartbeat with doppler at eight weeks, but we’ve now heard it with three of our babies (Emmett, Bram, and, now, Dragon). It was in the high 170’s, which, supposedly, could indicate girl. Please let this pregnancy result in a healthy, full-term Dragon, Bram, and two mamas, and I will be one thrilled (albeit, exhausted) camper! Everything else looks good with my labs and other checks. Our beloved midwife did a bimanual exam, as well, which can pretty much rule out that there are two dragons in there ;-) That may prove a disappointment to R, but it spells relief for me.

There are other changes afoot right now (not the least of which being the big countdown to the return of R’s left foot!), but I’m at work, so I only have time for a short update. I’m sure R will be back with a new thoughtful post soon. Thanks for all of your kind words of support and congratulations!

P.S. R was getting cleaned up while Bram and I did breakfast this morning. Afterwards, we went upstairs and I asked him to tell mama what he ate. Very quietly he looked up at R and said “pancake.” This kid is slaying me daily.


6 thoughts on “.a dragon’s roar.

  1. So glad to hear Dragon’s heart is strong and fast and close. Wishing you all health, happiness, and peace always. May the low times ebb away. :)

  2. Yay for fast little baby heartbeats! What a absolutely wonderful sound. Sorry that you’ve been feeling low and unwell though. Hopefully that turns around soon.

  3. Such good news. I am sending lots and lots of good and strong thoughts towards that tiny tiny beating heart. I hope that the feelings of sickness, that while so very much worthwhile must also just be exhausting, pass quickly.

  4. I’m so excited about the Dragon and the release of R’s poor foot, BUT I have to say – I cam back to comment because I cannot stop thinking about B and “pancake.” So completely adorable!

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