.hello, september.

After a leisurely Labor Day weekend, we are now back to the academic year grind. This evening, R goes back into the classroom to teach for the first time since B was three months old. She’s feeling excited and jittery. I’m also back to my normal full-time schedule at work starting today. Bram will have a new schedule of in-home care with two lovely new sitters (his two sitters from last year both graduated from college and moved away). If all goes well, R will be walking in the boot within the next two weeks. We’ll also be twelve weeks along with Dragon by mid-September. Then, we’ll be taking our first overnight trip without Bram the third weekend of September. There’s a lot of fatigue in our family right now, but a lot of hope, too, for a cool and promising autumn.

So for all of you heading back to school (either as educators or by-proxy of your kids), “Break pencils!”

And I leave you with the ridiculous cuteness that is this kid. Seriously, how did we get so lucky?



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