roses + sunshine

Thank you for all of your kind words on my post yesterday. There is just something about letting babies go, and it doesn’t seem to matter whether they were ever mine or not. My heart loves them from the moment I hear they need parents. But more love. That can’t be bad.

Today is a much sweeter day. Some of you sounded worried, so I wanted to reassure you. J is already pulling out of her funk (seriously: maybe she does have a late-summer allergy. Do you think I can call it an asshole allergen without getting into trouble?). ;) We’re in the last twelve hours of the first trimester, and Dragon is making her lime-sized presence known by making J’s belly start to pop. I spent the morning outside gathering “icks” and “ocks” with Bram because I am, praise life, weight-bearing again. We needed hats and long sleeves because: AUTUMN. And Bram put about a dozen rocks in his pocket right away, and brought me an endless stream of sticks as I sat on the stoop watching him. Then we counted them together, which he is definitely doing now. Counting. I’m saying: counting. Our kid. Man oh man.


Then this arrived from Poland: a mind-blowing gift from our donor-sib-sisters, M & S. It’s Dragon’s first wrap, and it is… well, look for yourselves. I mean, it is just stunning. It’s an Oscha, a just-released limited edition (Roses Hera to be specific), and I am mad for it. It is as beautiful as hard is hard.** I know it’s for Dragon and all, but Bram and I will start wearing it now… you know, to break it in so it’s super soft when our wee squish arrives. That is the only reason. Not because it’s too lovely to leave unworn… ;) Seriously, though, there could be no sweeter gift with which to head into the second trimester of this little baby’s growth than these Roses.

That’s all for today. Thanks again for all the love this community offers us. I hope that autumn or something equally sweet is finding you wherever you are, and that your day is filled with bright, sweet joy.

P.S. Parents of littles: have you read Margaret Wise Brown’s The Little Island? A friend called our attention to it a couple of weeks ago, and I’m saying: it is the toddler-lit equivalent of Virginia Woolf’s To The Lighthouse. So much lyrical beauty in such simple prose. Please discover it.

** You’ll find a prettier version of this phrase in The Little Island. So that was a tease.


5 thoughts on “roses + sunshine

  1. It looks like B is trying out his first wand in preparation for Hogwarts. ;) Hooray for this new season! I am loving this weather and this change super hard, and I am glad it’s being good to you so far. xoxo

  2. Yay for hats!
    And roses! (Wow!)
    and books I didn’t know about before now!

    (And Sprouts and Brambles and Beans and Dragons and all sorts of other little-ish things too, of course.)

  3. That boy of yours…I’m telling you, he is just too much goodness. Glad things are feeling good again (I mean mixed in with the lingering tough stuff of course). I am glad there is so much space for both.

  4. Swinging in the hammock the other day worth my friends sweet little ones I thought of you and Bram and was wondering if you were able to be out and about boot free. So glad to hear you can bear weight now. Also, in regards to your last post I know exactly what you mean about wanting lots and lots of children. And can imagine the emotions that come with wanting to give the little ones a home but knowing it is not the right timing.

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