.the crisp fall air has arrived.

I feel like I haven’t written on the blog in a really long time. Things have been so much better since the illness and infirmity of late summer! I’m back to working full-time at my day job, plus seeing doula clients on the side. R is teaching two night classes and applying for jobs on the national market. Bram is growing and changing every single day, as is this new Dragon baby. Things are hectic and every day has its own scheduling snafus and compromises to negotiate, but I feel like we’re enjoying ourselves and each other and looking forward to the future with renewed optimism.

This pregnancy feels like it’s starting to fly by now that we’re through the dragging nausea and fatigue of the first trimester. We’re sixteen weeks along today and heard baby’s heartbeat for the third time on Monday. Our mid-pregnancy ultrasound is in two weeks, which we are both excited and nervous about. It will be such a relief to hear that Dragon looks healthy and thriving (which I am very optimistic that we will hear). And we’re certainly excited to know whether Bram will have a baby brother or sister come spring (my wife, the connoisseur of all things baby names, will be relieved to narrow her playing field). I’m not feeling scared of pregnancy this time around. I find that my anxieties about the baby are in check much more so than with Bram. I’m also kind of looking forward to childbirth, at least in so much as I’m looking forward to a shorter, more straightforward labor (please, Universe?).

Bram is making so many developmental leaps right now. He’s slept without milk and in his own bed until 4-5am for the last three nights. He’s still waking up every hour or two past midnight, but R has been able to go in and comfort him down without him asking to nurse or going into hysterics. This is MAJOR progress as compared to the sleep issues we’ve been trudging through in recent months. His language is exploding right now. He imitates everything he hears. I hear about ten new words a day come out of his mouth. He’s starting to experiment with full sentences, and he can tell you if he’s feeling happy or sad about something. He also expresses when he misses someone. He adores going for walks to look for sticks, rocks, and leaves. He’s still enjoying dance class, and his building projects (legos, Lincoln logs, blocks) are becoming more and more involved.

Two of my favorite Bram stories recently are:

1) Taking him to the grocery store a few days ago: He’s obsessed with “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad” [He’s going to be train captain for Halloween] and he loves to talk about Dinah blowing her HORN (the last part is very loud). That day, though, he was very interested in putting a “y” sound on the end of words (i.e., milky). So as we go into the store, he starts to chant “Horny, Horny, Horny” over and over again. It was perfect.

2) Last night during the bedtime routine, I said something was “okie, dokie” (not a typical phrase out of me). Bram though this was hysterical and started repeating it for every question I asked for the rest of the night. “Bram, do you want lotion with your pajamas?” “Okie Dokie, Pomo” Eventually, it just turned into a staccato chant of okiedokieokiedokie.

Don’t get me wrong, he’s still a master contrarian and can almost-two-year-old with the best of them, but mostly I find my time with him these days to be extremely rewarding. He’s growing up so fast, but he’s still so snuggly and often in the mood for hugs, kisses, and holding hands. I wish I could bottle this time for when the insane rush of next year takes effect (newborn parenting, selling the house, moving to an unknown destination). I know our family well enough to know that we’ll make it through those tough times intact, but I also expect that will be a very challenging time until we’ve resettled into our next chapter.

I hope this post finds everyone enjoying their autumn months. I can’t wait to see friends’ Halloween pictures soon!
Here are a few fall photos:

Our dapper boy with his favorite walking stick:


Paying careful attention in dance class:


Pomo, Dragon-bump, and Bramble in the morning:


Our autumnal family:



6 thoughts on “.the crisp fall air has arrived.

  1. Seeing your belly makes me miss being pregnant, even though I felt awful about 80% of the time. Bram is going to be such a sweet big brother to dragon. I can’t wait! (Though these only-child days are awfully special too.)

  2. I am so jealous that he’ll wear hats for you. So jealous. Glad you are feeling better and that things are starting to feel possible and fun again!

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