.my sleepy wife.

It has been brought to my attention that my last post may have been a touch optimistic on the sleep front, especially where it concerns my beautiful wife! It is true that Bram has been sleeping in his own bed, without milk, between about 8pm and 4am for the last eight nights. It is also true that I have been sleeping pretty soundly until the 4am wake-up in my own bed with room to stretch out. And it is also true that on one of those eight nights, Bram slept from 8pm to 5am without waking up. But in all my sleepfulness (which is, ironically, kind of exhausting), I’ve neglected to mention the part where R has been getting out of bed and going into Bram’s room to resettle him every 30-90 minutes every night since this new system started. That has left my dedicated and gorgeous co-parent pretty much a walking zombie during what is already a time of great stress and pushing through for work and job applications. So this a a public shout-out to my bedraggled honey that I love you and am so appreciative of your dedication to sweet nighttime parenting of our boy. Here’s hoping that we will begin to have some repeat performances of his sleeping through the night routine in the very near future!


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