love list, 9 december 2013

Love List, 9 December 2013:

  1. Friends near and far who reach out with the kindest of words when you’re feeling blue. Who send you lists of free local activities. Who commiserate. Who don’t judge or assume hard times mean you’re not happy. Who uphold and offer wine dates of all kinds.
  2. Bram’s new habit of bringing me things like hats and balls and Legos and saying “hot coffee, mama” and then waiting for me to take a drink and say “mmmmmm” before walking away all full of pride.
  3. Huge glasses of water.
  4. Looking at old photos of our baby when he was a baby and imagining our less.than.four.months.away little one in my arms.
  5. Moments of connection with my wife. They don’t come as often as they did before we were parents, but they are way more meaningful for the long road we’ve come down together.
  6. Going to the movies. By myself, with J, with friends. I love the theater. I love to disappear into a story for hours.
  7. Bringing a book and a glass of wine to bed. Because after almost two years of bedsharing, I can turn on the lamp at night.
  8. Complex feminisms.
  9. Pieces of art (paintings, photographs, tattoos, drawings, sculptures) that bring you to tears.
  10. Interesting doorways, doors, doorknobs. I like thresholds.
  11. A totally ordered house. Everything in its place. Everything with a home. It doesn’t happen as much these days, but it still brings me joy.
  12. Music.
  13. Students who tell you your time together was meaningful to them.
  14. Cities. Big, crowded cities.
  15. Grief and pain and disappointment. How it levels everything so that we’re all the same.
  16. Walking again.
  17. How worn and tired our baby name book is. I’m sad about how it got to be that way, but I don’t regret the countless hours spent searching for the just-right names for our children.
  18. Generosity. All the ways it shows up.
  19. How Bram asks me for another song almost every night. How he loves to be sung to (like I always have).
  20. Bloggy friends who make love lists and post links to them in my comments so I can read them all week long. <3






12 thoughts on “love list, 9 december 2013

  1. You are all so gorgeous! My favorite thing right now is watching S and E walk around having conversations with each other via imaginary cell phone (magnets, dominoes, blocks, etc).

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  3. “Bringing a book and a glass of wine to bed. Because after almost two years of bedsharing, I can turn on the lamp at night.” <– This x 1000 There are nights that I miss our son's little body snuggled in next to mine, but the freedom his independent sleeping has brought is also a lovely thing.

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