Some Bramisms

Obviously there are about seventeen million things to report on. And since seventeen million things are happening (and not one of them is sleep), there’s no real time or capacity to do that reporting. So instead, in an effort not to forget these moments: a list of current Bramisms for your chuckling pleasure.

  • The other day, Bram told me to sit down on one of his stools and “put my listening ears on.” Then he grabbed his guitar and sang (improvised) these lines, strumming along as he went: “There is a man named Grandpa Jack, he lives in (town we live in). He likes to go to Crane Park. He has grandsons.” Grandpa Jack was my dad. I could not believe Bram came up with this. I only cried until I realized that my tears confused him. Then I gave him smooches all over.
  • When I was sitting on the sofa a week or so ago with Lou at around 6:30am, Bram came down for breakfast and said (pointing), “Mama, there is the kitchen. Make me some toast.”
  • Another time, we were marveling over something and, in appreciation, he said to me: “wowza, baby!” Now when I say that – “wowza, baby” – to him, he answers knowingly: “wowza, mama.”
  • When the sound of police sirens woke him up a few mornings back, he sat straight up in bed next to me and said, “Mama, those are some serious sirens. Yes, those are some serious sirens. They are driving me nuts.”
  • In an effort to convince him that he doesn’t need to nurse Every Time The Baby Nurses, J explained yesterday (for the seventieth time) that little babies need milk because they can’t eat any other food, but big kiddos get to eat all the delicious foods. Then she asked, “do you understand, bug?,” to which Bram replied, “yes, I do. I am a tiny, little baby.”
  • Bram pushed hard on Lou’s chest the other day. We were appropriately concerned, but we weren’t sure B understood why what he did had us so upset. But that night, when we did high/lows at the dinner table, Bram sad his low was, “mushing brother.”
  • Today my mom was playing in the backyard with B, and she was sympathizing with him about how hard it is to be a brother (because: there have been some struggles). “But, I love Louis,” our little boy said protectively.




6 thoughts on “Some Bramisms

  1. He’s so articulate for such a little bug. Big transition time right now, but I have no doubt he’ll get through this with grace. He’s got good models for that, you know.

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