schedules, anyone?

So, a request and four photos.

As J prepares to return to work, and I prepare to take up the work of Home Alone With These Littles, I find myself in need of a new schedule. Would those of you who are home with two – and despite being home with two somehow have a bit of time – be open to commenting here with a summary of your weekly schedule? As detailed or vague as you want; I would be thrilled to read every little thing from how many books in the morning to how you move from one activity to the next, but I’d be grateful for even a suggestion or two. I’m just seeking a little inspiration as I decide how we might begin to navigate the days and weeks ahead. Thank you in advance for absolutely anything.

Now the photos.







5 thoughts on “schedules, anyone?

  1. Then said my friend Daniel, brave even among lions/ “it’s not the weight you carry but how you carry it/ -books, bricks, grief -/ it’s all in the way you embrace it, balance it, carry it/ when you cannot and would not put it down.” <3 <3 <3

  2. Ooops – that was supposed to go on your “tightrope” post! Silly WordPress making things all complicated! Anyway, I suppose a little Mary Oliver goes well anywhere, and I totally love all four of you and want to let you know that I do believe that you’re walking the tightrope in a way that teaches your boys to be grateful for what they have and not take things for granted.

  3. I am the opposite of what you need right now being a mom of one who works outside of the home and I still had to comment just to say how very gorgeous those pictures are. The first one. Oh my. And the last one. When did that happen??

  4. No advice here either but I wanted to comment in your last post but didn’t get to it, and now these photos…so so beautiful.

  5. Oh good grief I can’t EVEN, with those pictures. What wonderful boys.

    I am a SAHM to five littles (okay, some of them aren’t so little anymore) and was terrified when my wife went back to work after the littlest was born last November. My biggest piece of advice would be to go with the flow and try not to have any big expectations for any day/hour/moment. Give it all up. Bram wants to wear seven shirts all at once and Lou will only nap in a wrap if you sing Twinkle Twinkle over and over? So be it. Once you get over the idea that you “should” be folding laundry or baking or taking advantage of this beautiful day, and just commit to keeping everyone alive and (hopefully) happy and sane, it is both easier and more enjoyable. I am willing to bet that J won’t care if the house is a mess when she gets home.

    You will find your own rhythm sooner and easier than you expect; just take the days really slow at first and see how it evolves. And then it will change all over again ;)

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