.happy (early) anniversar(ies).

December has proven to be a time of many anniversaries in my life.

Tomorrow marks my eleventh year of continuous sobriety from drugs and alcohol. December 21st will mark the fifteenth year anniversary of my substance abuse “bottom,” and it’s also been seven years this month since the last time I smoked a cigarette.

And in celebration of more positive events, next week is also our five-year wedding anniversary! R blew my mind last night by recounting where we’ve been during each of our wedding anniversaries to this point:

Year One: Pregnant with Emmett Ever

Year Two: Pregnant with Bram

Year Three: Less than 48 hours out from losing Saul Spencer to his birth mother

Year Four: Pregnant with Louis

Whew. No wonder I’m tired. And what fresh-faced perspective to not be expecting a baby or acutely grieving the loss of a baby this holiday season. There is much to be grateful for. Here’s to your families and holidays, gentle readers. I hope they are merry and bright!

And here’s a little nod to those well-rested kids we once were. It’s incredible to me that this picture is just from seven short years ago. It feels like many lifetimes! I love you, honey. Happy anniversary <3



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