.hello, 2016.

Wow. 2015. What a year. Two growing boysies. A full-time job for R. A new forever home. Trips to Baltimore and Charleston to see family. A deepening spiritual life. A vibrant activism and advocacy path. And, to close the year out, a job offer to work full-time doing work that I love for a prominent social justice organization. I have to say that I’m mildly trepidatious to mess with anything about 2015. This new year will have some big shoes to fill.

As an update, I accepted an exciting job offer in December and will make the switch on February 1st. I am beyond thrilled to move into a position that encompasses so much of what I’m already passionate about within the terms of my work week. Also, R has been installed as the permanent formation minister at our church, so that position is going really well for her. She’s doing wonderful work and they are deeply pleased with her performance!

B is back to preschool after the holiday break. He’s recently begun a few new chapter books (the first installment of the Harry Potter series, as well as Cordelia Funke’s _Dragon Rider_), which he adores. And his artistic skills are really blowing us away. If he’s able to, he would spend 2-3 hours+ a day just working on his art (mostly drawing with pencils, but also advanced coloring books and his own brand of “book-making”). I’ll have to get some examples of his work up on the sire to show off, but I can assure you that they are fascinating and complex. He recently told R something to the effect of “God loves it best when I am drawing.” It does seem to be a real heart passion. It’s hard to believe that our baby will be four years old this month. And yet, it’s harder to believe that he’s still only three. What a kind and growing spirit he is.

And the baby brother, L, is not such a little one anymore. Growing steadily, he’ll be two in March! He’s talking up a storm now and, beginning, to sing, as well. His tiny 22 month voiced rendition of “Silent Night” is about enough to knock you over. He’s still our adventure baby climbing and exploring all there is to see. Still, as his language blossoms, so does his interest in intimacy with us. There are way more requests for kisses and hugs. And the first thing he says when we wake up in the morning is, “Hi!” really loudly!

So I guess this post is to say that we’re here, still queer, loving and living our increasingly full lives. I’m sure R will be back on here eventually with more profundity than me, but this is what I’ve got for now!

With love,


From L to R clockwise: Brothers on a train; Brothers at the aquarium; A shepherd boy (B) and his little sheep (L) before the Christmas Eve children’s service.


2 thoughts on “.hello, 2016.

  1. I love this update, you, and where we are in life.

    Oh, and the God/drawing thing: I asked B what he thought God might want him to do in this life, and, after some thought, he answered simply, “I think God appreciates my drawings.” Which: my heart.

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