on not losing the thread

I’ve thought more and more about this space these past weeks. Breaking into Blossom. I’ve missed it. I’ve ached from missing it.

And we went to a wedding: two men, gorgeous liturgy. And my cynical wife leaned over and said: “I just realized that this is why we did all of that. This is why we worked.”

And I witnessed (live-stream, from a thousand miles) the funeral of a woman who changed the world. She did. And I watched at the end – after the singing – as friends and strangers gathered themselves up to walk back into their own lives. I felt the tether: our little world, time, the slipping away and yet the sweetness of every connection.

And I know I’ve lost the thread. In the days and nights and the Trying to Get it All Right: the thread. And I can’t fix it today because we’re here celebrating my wildly kind mom’s birthday and that’s part of the thread too: sweet corn and garden tomatoes and kids who haven’t rested.

I can’t fill in all the quiet spaces today, but I can start again. I can say that if anyone here is still reading, I’ve missed feeling tethered to you. I can offer images from these months of silence. And I can come again soon, with joy. With gratitude for this, these threads that even when left slack for months can be made taut again.



15 thoughts on “on not losing the thread

    • Oh, Laura. I am even rottener. But you know: we live so near your old apartment now that I think of you even more often. I miss you.

  1. Still here, still holding space (and my own blog has been sadly neglected as well, so I empathize!). No worries.

    Ps… look at those beautiful boys!!! And I cannot believe that he is TWO already!

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